F4B Technology

Technologically, F4B is made up of a set of reusable program components and a database containing control instructions. With the aim of providing flexibility and adaptability to the user, the business rules management layer has been made modularly. By using Microsoft technology we have provided our users with the up-to-date visual appearance of the application which meets Windows standards.

F4B Technology

The presentation layer consists of an array of modules, which are dynamically linked to meet user needs. Each module can be accessed from any other module.

The F4B model allows the application to dynamically adapt to a specific set of parameters called current context. Dynamic adapting allows the system administrator (without interfering with the code) to introduce certain modifications, install new functions or customize the interface to meet user needs and requests. This requires modular architecture of the application, which is composed of a set of mutually independent plug-in components. A built-in mechanism will, depending on current context, allow the right call up and opening of any of the plug-in components.

F4B allows monitoring a lifespan of documents of different types and formats - from the moment of their creation, through each processing phase, until being added to archive.

F4B is using the up-to-date versions of Microsoft program tools and technologies as a base development platform on all its functional layers.

F4B is multi-layered in structure and its components are:

Basic functionality:

  • Data storage layer (database)  
  • Data access layer
  • User interface
  • Control matrix

Service functions:

  • Automatic updates
  • Reporting system
  • LDAP service for user authorization (Active Directory)