Travel and Movement of Ships

The marine travel and vessel traffic software solution is tailor made for use in shipping companies.

The solution provides:

  • Fleet records
  • Travel records
  • Vessel traffic records
  • Cargo transport records

The solution is connected to personnel records, accountancy, seafarer shifts and commerce.

The ship is registered as a document and it functions as a business unit in other parts of the system (for example, the crew is managed by personnel records, accountancy deals with business unit accounting entries, while commerce service records travel and vessel traffic).

Records of each past voyage charter or time charter are connected to other records: in accountancy, an accounting entry can be connected to travel records, while vessel traffic and port calls can be connected to both travel records and seafarer shifts.

Each port call record includes weather data (ETA, ETS, ETB), information on mileage since ship's last port call and ship's agents. Ship movement is connected to a currently active travel document, so disbursements can also be tracked through ports (voyages).

Tracking of calculation of travel expenses and calculated ship travel price is fully automated.

The vessel traffic solution also enables tracking of all the cargo operations in the port. It keeps records of cargo type, as well as operation start and termination times (load/discharge).