Project management

The project management software solution sets up a documentation basis for tracking and management of contracted projects.

Project realization tracking is based on the following documents:

  • Bill of quantities
  • Contract
  • Construction log
  • Construction book 
  • Payment certificate

which provide the investor's full project control. Lists of expenses and project dynamics should be created in an adequate implementation tracking tool, like Microsoft Project. Project management solution and MS Project communicate via data and information interchange and download. During the implementation phase document access is available to all the integrated solution users according to defined access rights. MS Excel integration is also supported.

Another component of the Project management solution is tracking and distribution of costs, and tracking of documentation through activities and project entries. This part of the solution is aimed at project executors. The solution is organized in such a way to ensure access to documents according to clearance and work organization.

Project management isn't concerned with the technological part of project execution or resources for executing the project, but with establishing the basic documentation order and project tracking. The solution isn't necessarily limited by project type, although it was initially developed for demands of executing larger construction projects.

This approach ensures a detailed economic diagnosis of a project in execution and early detection of financial and time risks.

Risk estimation is a part of the Project management solution, however, it is not mandatory.

The project management solution is aimed at companies which:

  • Manage project execution and finance
  • Manage projects independently or in consortiums
  • Carry out parts of projects or entire projects as co-operators
  • State institutions that carry out and track projects, either by deputing them to agencies or specialized companies, or by directly participating in project management