Planning, Analysis and Operational Reports

Planning is carried out operatively and on the level of the system. Operative planning depends on the business and on the specifications of each individual organization.

The planning and analysis software solution is completely integrated into the F4B system. Furthermore, each system modification directly applies to plan execution monitoring.

Solution characteristics:

  • Organization and virtual business units
  • Business unit types according to the user's choice
  • Legal entities and the substitute
  • Planning categories
  • Types of planning categories
  • Keys to income-and-expense distribution
  • Versions of data planning and coverage
  • Rules for connecting to accountancy archives

The software solution for planning features report orders which are F4B system documents. The documents can be updated, as well as filed away in reached state, and they serve as execution documentation.

Planning categories are connected to accounting systematization of data, and also to the documentation section where the processes are defined on the document item level. This way, the ISO 9001 (9003) processes can be observed through a plan or income statement (*** bilanca uspjeha?).

This solution is the key to observing the whole system. Therefore it is mostly presented on the WEB(***ako WEB stoji za internet onda omjesto 'on the WEB' ide 'online') by graphs and tables.

Tracking the projects is part of this system and they appear as additional analytics of the basic planning structure.