Finance and Accounting

Accounting, besides featuring the elements of an information system itself, acts like a monitor of all the business processes in a financial documentation part of the system. The set up of a documentation system allows us to precisely determine the location of the document within the accounting area. Bank accounting is carried out by maintenance or administration of accounting instructions. This approach allows the creation of accounting entry prepositions.

Accounting programs provide the user with all the necessary features involving data processing and high quality reports.

Solution characteristics:

  • Accounting entry management and control according to predefined instructions
  • Automatic draft/proposal for keeping records of documents
  • Direct entry of basal area which have not previously been documented in any of the subsystems
  • Monitoring changes in the accounting system
  • Keeping a gross balance sheet, as well as other balance sheets by consulting additional records and analytics for each particular legal entity, or for all the entities consolidated
  • Automated calculation of exchange rate differences and annual financial statements
  • Account balance and closing entries, and closing of the desired accounts
  • Managing tax registers and automated VAT returns
  • Automated record keeping of VAT returns
  • Standard listings and reports
  • Operative records of payments
  • Treasury operations with automated record keeping of treasury reports
  • Creating e-payment files
  • Executing on-line financial transactions using FINA smart card or connecting directly to banking information systems