Document Processing Approach

A process is a set of interrelated or interacting activities, which transforms inputs into outputs.
                                                                                                                       ISO 9001

A business system in a modern environment requires the documentation and business processes to meet the ISO 9000 standards. F4B methodology enables documentation process modeling using documents and document flow.

Basic process modeling elements:

  • Document format
  • Documents
  • Folders (organization processing elements)

Basic elements of business process flow modeling:

  • User
  • Group of users
  • Process phase
  • Courses and connections between tasks
  • Control procedures 
  • Modules

Document flow Document flow Document flow

Mutual binding of the system elements establishes process documentation model that ensures easy implementation and monitoring of the execution processing phases: from the input information, classification, verification and archiving. The documents travel through the system from the user to user or user group, in accordance with defined processing flow respecting the internal control mechanisms at the same time. Likewise, documents, according to the requirements of business processes, can be bind to the current status of the processing, the user or user group. There are an actions offered to the user at any time on the control panel, that can be done at any given moment of business process.

F4B is a process-oriented system that is based on simple rules and the very architecture of the system provides an adjustment of work organization, compliance documentation and business processes in accordance with prescribed ISO standards.