What is F4B?

Framework for Business (F4B) is an integrated, process-oriented business information system which comprises all the elements needed for successful information and business management. The system comprises an array of ready-made solutions which, by using a methodological approach, adapt to the work organization of various industries and businesses. The basic idea behind the F4B model is describing each business by following the flow of various documents which contain certain information. In each phase of system presentation the same rules and standardized procedures apply, which makes it easy to use. The F4B system is primarily aimed at medium to large organizations.

The F4B architecture enables:

  • Easy adaptation to business processes
  • Standardized administrative and user interface
  • Configurability and control of system parameters (users, folders, documents, tasks,...)
  • Easy upgrading
  • Standardized implementation method
  • Advanced security model

F4B characteristics:

  • Practicality
  • Robustness
  • Openness
  • Modularity
  • Integration
  • Security
  • Efficiency

Requests and expectations
How many times have you tried to find a business system tailored according to your requests and demands?
F4B is a system that completely adapts to your business' demands, with a user friendly interface and pleasant visual elements. F4B is open for customizations and expansions.
Changes in the business environment and the organization’s growth require a constant development of the system as well as customer’s and implementer’s cooperation. F4B is open to further adjustments and upgrades.

Changes that inevitably accompany the implementation of the information system
A change in a business system is always accompanied by certain positive and negative side effects, which occur in each phase: from customizing the new system to utilizing it effectively.
To make the adaptation phase more comfortable for the user, we have defined and developed a variety of components. Ready-made software solutions enable a visualization of Your solution and allow an easy adaptation to the new business environment. Modularity is important characteristic of the F4B system.

Information access
The key to a successful business is accurate and easily accessible information. We have all been in a situation where we needed information which was unavailable at the time.
F4B is a system which enables simple process sequence management and quick access to desired information in accordance with established access rights. Security is a basic feature of F4B.

Rules, yes or no?
A system with no rules does not exist (or else it could not be recognized as a system). A system with too many rules is expensive and developmentally inefficient. F4B is based on simple, natural, comprehensible rules which can fit into any business structure ( the exception will be discussed in a different thread :-)). Rules are sometimes difficult to predict, however, F4B allows simple adjustments and/or implementation of new rules. The system demands that all defined rules and procedures have to be followed. Our users find the system accessible because of the familiar Microsoft environment, supported by a powerful tool that manages connections, integration, data flow and manipulation. F4B is a stable and reliable system. Till today, F4B has been used in various businesses: from self-service to maritime affairs and construction industry. F4B is an efficient system that covers an organization's entire business network (integrated information system).

 We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.
Albert Einstein