Customizing to User Requests

Every organization has a unique way of doing business. No two business organizations are identical, even if they operate within the same sector.

Adaptability and configurability are the basic postulates on which the F4B methodology was developed. The F4B business system is specifically tailored for each user. As no two business organizations are identical, no two F4B system implementations are identical.

F4B architecture enables an easy customization according to user's requests. After defining basic business processes, with Your cooperation, we will customize the system according to each process' specific qualities.

The customization is made using the F4B administrative framework, which is a part of the system itself:

  • Adapting to work organization 
  • Customization of program components
  • Customization of the user interface
  • Customization of the control panel

Modeling of the information system to accommodate users’ needs is the idea behind the creation of the F4B system.

Where there's a will there's a way.

Latin proverb